Ensure you get professionally trained delivery personnel and consumer-choice drink variety with Dependable Vending.

Beverage Vending Machines in Southern California Including Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside

What makes the beverage service from Dependable Vending different? We offer customized beverage vending machine solutions just right for your Los Angeles and Orange County break room. We understand the beverage vending needs of California businesses from having trustworthy beverage vending machines to an exceptional line of consumer drink choices.

We take pride in delivering the best sodas, teas, bottled waters, energy drinks and a lot more. Our experienced team will help choose just the right mix of beverages for your Los Angeles and Orange County workplace and route personnel will fill the vending machine with prompt and superior service.

Enjoy traditional drinks as well as new local favorites.


Find a full range of flavors from fruity to classic in both regular and low calorie options.

Coca-Cola Products


Choose a cold drink selection from a national brand you know and trust.

Pepsi Products


There’s more options than ever to enjoy when grabbing a refreshing water.

Bottled Water


Give yourself a boost of refreshing flavor with our large variety of no-calorie beverages.

Flavored Water


We offer a line of 100 % fruit and vegetable mix drinks with essential vitamins and minerals.



Taste the burst of flavor while you replace electrolytes with our beverage options.

Sports Drinks


Recharge with a jolt of caffeine from some of the most popular national names.

Energy Drinks


Try a refreshing twist on one of these traditionally hot beverages.

Teas & Ready to Drink Coffee


Get a great value with quality, non-brand name beverages sold at lower prices.

Beverage Busters

Get gourmet coffee at the touch of a button!​

Today’s hot beverage machines provide coffee with a superior taste and no mess in the break room. Employees or guests can choose from two size options and customize their beverage with creamers and sweeteners. Our hot beverage machines even offer hot chocolate and cappuccino options.

Bring in the beverage program your break room needs with Dependable Vending at info@dependablevend.com and 800.785.3803 ext. 223.